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It's true! We're at the new Warsaw location

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Warszawa , ul. Szamocka 6

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We are dedicated to the people we serve and are pround of the high standards of medical care that we provide. Our friendly staff will prepare a tailor made out-patient or hospitalization plan and assist to schedule a dedicated visit, as well as organize your stay with us.

Endoterapia has helped tens of thousands of patients to avoid cancer or surgical operations. What sets Endoterapia apart from other practices is the training of our physicians and experience!


The physicians of Endoterapia collectively perform roughly 15 000 endoscopic procedures per year. Such high volumes strengthen endoscopic skills and physician confidence.

We believe that employee training is essential to both a company's growth and an individual's success.


In Endoterapia we are committed to the professional development of our staff and provide an environment where staff are encouraged to acquire new skills and enhance their knowledge. 

We provide our staff with regular internal and external training

The highest standards

We aim to provide the highest standards of patient care. We seek to attract the best Consultants and staff  to work together to achieve excellent patient outcomes.

Most of our doctors have performed tens of thousands of endoscopic  procedures


Patient's safety is our priority. However in case of any serious complication we have a 24 hours access to the Intensive Care Unit or Surgical Unit


 Our PatientSatisfaction Score is
NPS 92%



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